About Me

Hi, I'm Nikki! 

I suppose I should let you know right off the bat. . .  I'm a bit of a hot mess!!

 Terrible speller. . . . not the best with grammar. . . . I regularly us my iPhone as my main camera . . . dishes in the sink. . . .kids toys everywhere. . . . noisy/busy classroom, kinda hot mess :) 

So, now that that is out in the open (and if your still reading) . . . Here is a bit more about me :) 

These are my people and I love them like crazy!! 

My world revolves around my hubby (Steve)  and two sweet little girls (Edy and Elli). We live in the beautiful U.P. of Michigan. 

I am a kindergarten teacher, who loves what I do! I teach in a small school and am blessed to go to work with some of my best friends each day. (Including my husband, he's our district's Special Education Director.) 

I love to cook and create my own spin on recipes. My daughter Elli is allergic to eggs, nuts, dairy and wheat so I do lots of experimenting to create recipes that will not only be safe for her, but tasty for the rest of us too. 

Decorating our tiny little house and maximize our space as much as possible is one of my passions. I also drool over anything that can serve more than one function or has a farmhouse style. (Hello, Fixer Upper, my faaaaav show!) 

My guilty pleasures include drinking waaay to much coffee, SmartWool socks, reality tv, sitting on my deck with gossip mags, thrifting and baseball! 

I thank God each day for my little life and all of the craziness that goes with it! 

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