Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five for Friday, On Saturday

It's Doodlebug's Five for Friday time . . . and once again I am posting it on a Saturday. Better late than never, right? 

My five are few of our summer highlights. 

 My sister Beth came to visit for two weeks. She lives in New Hampshire so we try and soak up every minute together when she is home. She and Edy both love to talk and could talk for hours!! :) 

 I was lucky enough to attend the SDE Excellent Educators conference in Chicago with seven other members of my staff. We. Had. A. BLAST! I also got to meet Abby and Cara. They are both so sweet and just as amazing in person as they are on their blogs! 

We also got to spend lots of time with my Grandma (who lives ten hours away). I love this lady!! She came to visit for a few days and then we went to stay with her for a week. Edy was spoiled rotten! She got lots of treats, swam in the pool, ran the halls, read with Great Grandma, and was a hit again in the retirement community! 

While we were in Grand Rapids we also visited the zoo. I'm not sure who had more fun, us or Edy. 

 This is one of our favorite places to spend the summer. It has been colder than usual this summer, but we have still managed to have a few family gatherings at my Aunt's beach. Hopefully the weather will heat up in the next two weeks and we can enjoy the last few days of summer on Lake Superior. (Then hopefully it will instantly turn to fall, and cool off once we are back in school.) 

Happy Weekend!! 

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