Thursday, March 28, 2013

March High and Low

Spring Break starts tomorrow!!! Woowhoo! 

I am linking up with Katie at Teacher To The Core to share this month's highs and lows. 

I can't believe it is almost April!

The Boss Glasses. 

My student's were being extremely squirrely one day, so I told them I was going to have to put on my "Boss Glass" to make them shape up and get to business. (Jokingly,  I put on a pair of huge glasses I had gotten from the Dollar Tree.) 

Instantly they shaped right up?!? I mean, these glasses are huge, and totally ridiculous. . . . 
but if they worked. . . I was going with it!!! 

Any time they start getting antsy again, my sweet helper Kelsey or  I just put on the glasses and like magic, they are back on task! 

Even stranger was the fact that this same little tactic worked with a second grade and third grade class!? I walked into my neighboring classrooms with the glasses on and boom. . . those kiddos were back on task too! 

Now that is $2 very well spent! :) 

Cabin fever! 

This time last year, the snow had melted and it was 80 degrees out. This year. . . not so much! Not only has it been cold and snowy, but it has been dark and cloudy. 

I am ready for a little sun!! 


  1. Love the glasses!! We're your newest followers thanks to the High/Low linky! =)
    Sister Teachers

    1. Thanks for following along!!

      I'm telling ya those silly glasses were the greatest thing ever:)

  2. Man oh man... those Boss Sunglasses are going in my shopping cart!

    Thank you for linking up with me!

  3. I completely agree with the weather! I am totally ready for 80 degree weather!