Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Reading Night

Each year my little school hosts a Family Reading Night as part of our Reading Month activities. Families can listen to teachers read the nightly chapter from our school-wide book (you can read more about that here), shop at the book fair, and participate in a simple project that is related to the story. 

For the past few years I have been a reader, but this year I was in charge of helping to come up with the project. It had to be something simple enough for kindergarten and preschool students, yet complex enough to hold the interest of 6th graders. 

We decided to go with "hide" drawings. 

  Each student was given a square piece of brown butcher paper.  They could then choose symbols to draw on their "hides". My wonderful fellow kindergarten teacher had tons of examples of Native American symbols for the students to look at. (This is just a small sample)

The symbols were simple enough for the littles to draw, but complex enough for the older students to use to create stories. 

After their drawings were complete the students would crumple the paper, flatten it back out, and crumple again to achieve a hide-like look. 

The kids all loved the project, and they turned out so cute! Several of the older students also came up with some amazing stories and legends to go along with their drawings.