Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Loves

     I thought I'd start a weekly series called "Little Loves" where I share with you little things that I am loving at the moment. 

*These thing may not always be teaching related. *

I have to start with my most important loves, my wonderful husband Steve and my baby girl Edyn (although she is not such a baby any more). They make my life complete! 

Steve is a high/middle school Special Education teacher, and the head baseball coach at our little local university.

Edy's current little love is anything horsey related. 

My other little loves are my pups. They were our first babies, and are still spoiled rotten. 

My last little love is snow days!! We had our second snow day in a row today.

I. Love. Snow days.

This is some of the 28+ inches that has piled up on our deck over the past 30 hours.

That is my six foot fence you can see in the background! We will have plenty of snow to go around for awhile to come.

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